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BEWISE - 1336

330 lei

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Desk and wall clock.

100% handmade from recycled skateboard wood.

"The "1336" watch ows it's aesthetics and functionality to, well... pretty much, basic geometry. 
It's design is as simple as it is complex. 
1336 means: one triangle made out of three hexagons.
As abstract as it might seem at first sight, you can tell actually time very easily with this one. Each corner of the three trapezes (halfs of hexagons) indicates an hour, so... count them up, four corners for each of three trapezes, multiply and... you get 12.
Trying to figure out what second it shows though is the only imposbble thing. We've intentionally chose to do so, as the design of the second hand, represents the other halfs of hexagon that form an equilateral triangle.
The desk support piece can be removed and the 1336 watch can easily be hanged on a wall. 
Anywhere you'd choose to place it, it will never change the impermanence of things. The real time to guide yourself by is right now."


*available for custom orders in other colorways

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